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This index include websites that I use in my postings. Not all the websites are listed, just those I feel will be the most useful or are featured in Profiles, Reviews, Health Flashes, etc. – FINCA International (Foundation for International Community Assistance)-Small loans-Big Changes

www.analiese– A wonderful jewelry website with reasonably priced, unique items that I wear for myself and also give as gifts. Custom made items are available. A health-oriented website that I first used in the February 2008 posting on the “pigment power” in foods.

www.foodand– A Washington, DC organization that keeps us up-to-date on issues of safety in our food and water supplies. Informative and effective. One of my favorite websites. It is part of the Freshlife Health Food Store, owned and operated by my dear friend, Barb Jarmoska. You will see this website posted often. I reviewed Susan’s O’Brien vegan cookbook and here is her link. Website of Mary Woods (and husband David), who have created postcards and posters emphasizing Love. I reviewed Mary’s ebook, The Heart of the Matter in the February 2008 posting.– Website of Laurie Handlers, “tantric goddess,” who I profiled and also reviewed her book, Sex and Happiness: The Ten Tantric Laws of Intimacy in October 2006. organization that keeps its readers abreast of food and water safety issues. First noted in the January 11, 2008 posting. of Jay Jacobson, artist, musician, singer. His first CD Infinite Man is one of my favorite CDs. A new one is in the works.

Living Without – This is a website featured in the May 2008 posting. It is a wonderful magazine for those with gluten, dairy, or other sensitivities. It can be found under Profiles because I profile PEggy Wagener, who started the magazine because of her own celiac disease. A website devoted to gifts of caring for those going through chemotherapy, radiation, or other illnesses. Profile of creators Tracy Wood & Rona Buchbinder can be found in the March 2008 posting.– The Women for Women International organization which helps impoverished women everywhere – Author/Activist Eve Ensler’s V-Day campaign, also to stop violence against women. She is the author of The Vagina Monologues, The Good Body, etc. – This is the website for The Vegetarian Resource Group, profiled with its originators, Charles Stahler and Debra Wasserman in October 2008.– The Women for Women International organization which helps impoverished women everywhere

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