Let the Butterflies Come to You & Fields of Flowers by Renee Locks






I love calligraphy. In this high tech world where every font can be found on your computer, I still like the idea of handwritten messages. I also like collecting quotes and sayings, so Renee Locks books are perfect for me.

I first learned about Ms. Locks when I purchased a calendar with quotable sayings in calligraphy with  simplistic artwork by the artists. Renee also does notecards and greeting cards and all kinds of booklets. She sent me two of her booklets, shown above.

Here is an excerpt about the artists from Amber Lotus Publishing:

Renée Locks

Renee LocksRenée Locks is a painter, calligrapher, and poet. She taught Western calligraphy for ten years before devoting herself to the sumi-e brush and shodo – the way of writing beautifully. Locks is inspired by ancient Asian calligraphy, especially by the Japanese Kansai style of writing, which is executed rapidly and without lines. She describes it as “like walking a tightrope between control and freedom, mind focused as a straight arrow, from top of head through the brush, no hesitation.” She paints on 300-year-old rice paper and grinds her own ink with an ink stick and water on a special stone. For more information, please visit her website.

(When I clicked on the link for her website, Chinese lettering came up, so better to Google her name. es)

Here is a double page from Let the Butterflies Come to You, which demonstrates her pen-and-ink drawing and her Asian calligraphy skills:

The quote on the left says: One must give ones heart its freedom while there is still time. — the Pallisers.

The quote on the right says: Be Yourself. Who is Better Qualified? — F.J. Giblan, Jr.

The second quote in Fields of Flowers is part of a photo or sketch from another source. The cover tells us that she collaged many of the pictures.
The quote reads: It’s never too late to be who you are.
As mentioned above, her website is in Chinese, so just Google her name for sources for her wonderful artwork.



















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