Lena @ 105!

My mother-in-law, Lena Jacobson, turned 105 today so I am “slipping in” this short posting. Here is a photo of Lena (in the purple top in her wheelchair), surrounded by family and a couple residents. She made the Channel 6 news tonite! I have never known anyone 105, so I feel privileged to be part of her family.

I wrote a short rhyme for the occasion:

Lena @ 105

by Ellen Sue Jacobson, daughter-in-law
(Second from left in black & white shirt)

Lena is our national treasure;

Her talents are legion, measure for measure.

She can cook & crochet and knit up a storm

With Afghans & sweaters to keep us warm.

She‘s sharp with puzzles, especially Cryptoquote.

She taught me how to do them, take note, take note!

The Phillies are her team, she watches them play,

And wears her Phillies button day after day.

She enjoys a good joke & a good meal.

Her paintings are lovely; sheâ€s the “real deal.”

Hard work, she says, is the secret to longevity.

Obviously, at 105, sheâ€s short on brevity.

We wish her well on this very special day

With lots of love & admiration: Hooray! Hooray!


Here’s the birthday table laden with ice cream cake and delicious mini-desserts from George Perrier’s bakery.

Note: I had already pre-scheduled a Profile for tomorrow, so you will get two postings in a row.

12 thoughts on “Lena @ 105!

  1. Hello, Lena!! You are a “vision in purple” in your beautiful blouse! A great choice for a beautiful lady. Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    Hugs from Sylvia

  2. What an occasion–the 105th birthday of your mother-in-law!
    You must be really proud!

    I’ve only known one person who turned 100, but was not present.
    She was in Indiana. A nun, my ex’s aunt.


  3. ellen sue:

    We watched all of you on Channel 6 – Penny had clued us in. What a wonderful day for a wonderful woman.

    Happy Birthday Lee.


  4. I don’t get to much in a timely manner but I am sure glad to have seen this phote and the comments. Belated congratulations to a fantastic woman!!

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