Leaf Peeping & More: October 2012

On our way to Alexandria, NY, next to the Canadian border, we passed this sign that I had to capture on film:


1,000 Islands Boat Tour

A two-nation tour in “Uncle Sam” boats
1,000 islands or more, the guide glibly gloats.

One of the many houses on the islands

Some islands  smaller than our Philly condominium,
like a string of beads in a watery continuum.

Another lovely house on the 1000 islands

Beautiful houses resting on rocky ground:
boats, docks, water garages can readily be found.

Nestled among the just-changing autumn leaves,
near romantic Boldt Castle with its European eaves.

One part of the castle

The St. Lawrence River barely ripples beneath the boat.
The crew navigates the waters; we gaze as we float.

The boathouse for Boldt castle

Living on the water is a different kind of life.
Maybe the flowing river erases daily strife.

While cruising the St. Lawrence River with its many islands, we passed under the bridge to Canada. I took this inside the boat, so the reflection of the glass is visible.

The river seems welcoming and serenely calm;
drifting on the water——a relaxing balm.


P.S. While visiting Boldt Castle, which was on an island that was somewhat heart-shaped, our friends took a picture of Alan & me next to the heart-shaped flower bed.

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