Leaf Peeping & More: Oct. 2012

Took a road trip from Oct. 4th-Oct. 12th & planned only to post photos with captions, not a journal. But for some reason, I found myself writing rhymes. Maybe because the trees were so lovely I became inspired. Or because my anniversary was coming in a few days. Not sure….

So for the next few postings in Travel Tales, interspersed among recipes, articles on breast cancer, book reviews, etc., in other categories, I will be posting photos & rhymes. My need to write is almost automatic. Here is a poem I wrote while on the trip that explains this urge:

I took this photo before I left Philadelphia, one of the few just turning.

Left to Write

I will run out of paper before I run out of words,
because there’s always more whey than there are curds.

My blood co-mingles with “crazy ink,”
pushing me to a heady brink.

Paper & pen, still a dynamic combination;
I never tire of this synergistic fascination.

The words ooze from the tips of my fingers—
my mind is racing; a thought never lingers.

Wearing The Red Shoes* I cannot stop.
I’m left to write until I drop!

Alan & I at Boldt Castle on one of the 1,000 islands between NY & Canada on our 8th wedding anniversary. More to come…..

*The Red Shoes was a 1948 movie about a ballerina torn between her dancing and her lover. She put on a pair of “magical” ballet slippers that forced her to dance until she collapsed.

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