Last Minute Special Announcement

I just posted an article in Profiles, but wanted to squeeze this in because tonight is Earth Hour. One hour without electricity is the way you honor Earth Hour & the planet. See below and Google Earth Hour or go to or click on the link below for more info. (My source for this announcement)

Thanx, ellensue

Earth Hour 2012: Join Hundreds of Millions Against Warming

EarthCan’t wait for Earth Day? Then Earth Hour is for you. This Saturday, March 31, you can get some meaningful planet-saving practice in a single hour simply by turning off all the lights and appliances in your house from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. wherever you live on Earth. By dismissing the grid for a single hour, you can help enlighten political leaders on the need for strong action against climate change now. Hundreds of millions of people in at least 135 countries will take part — including, of course, us at the Center for Biological Diversity. Just tune in, turn off and help stop warming.

Visit our Events Web page to read details and find out about where you can get involved, watch videos and read press — and learn more about the Center’s Climate Law Institute.

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