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Note: I met Krista at a recent networking gathering and like her approach to life, so I asked her to send me an essay that relates to her choice of being a personal coach. I put this in the Profiles category because the essay reveals a great deal about Krista, who has a powerful presence in person and in her writing. I hope to review her memoir/workbook after it is released in the fall. es


Don’t Let Finance, Family, and Fitness “F” You Up by Krista Nelson


It happens all the time. There’s finally a long weekend and an opportunity visit the friends you never see. You get together, but no one can stay long because our lives are so busy. Ten minutes after the hugs and cheek-kiss greetings, you’re taking your emptied potluck dishes and heading for the door. Then the apologies for not getting together more often pour forth and the girlfriend who craves the most attention says that her endless hours of work, needy family, and demanding workout schedule keep her from spending more time with you. The next time this happens, do yourself and everyone else a giant favor. Put your hand in the air like a church-going woman about to testify and say, “Girlfriend, don’t let finance, family and fitness “F” you up.” After your friends stop laughing, explain that while finance, family, and fitness are important f-words, there are a few others that are good to keep close.

Who isn’t, after all, doing their level best, at this age, to manage money, family, and what’s left of their shape? We haven’t been able to cry young and dumb for years. We have to keep an eye on the dollar. Some of us are now taking care of our parents as well as our children. And goodness knows every other blog is telling us to move it or seriously lose what’s left of it. Balance your life with a few other f-words.

FUN, for instance. Make time for fun. The other day while flipping through the television channels, I stumbled upon the movie Bewitched with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. Nicole’s character was revealing her true nature to Will’s character and his response was so funny, with all his hysterical screaming, that the sound of my own laughter leaping out, as if forgotten for too long, surprised me. Let’s laugh at least once a day. I don’t mean that laugh you do politely in conversation. I mean a belly aching guffaw whenever possible. I admit that I haven’t been making enough time for fun.

FRAGRANCE is another excellent f-word. Stop to smell the roses, they say. If roses make you sneeze, there’s incense, essential oils, and a world of aromatherapy products. How easily we can forget the lift a good whiff can bring. I adore the smell of the forest after the rain, fresh cut grass, and lemons. And what about rosemary, basil, or cinnamon in the kitchen? My goodness, when you start down this road you come across babies, leather, and sun screen lotion, too. Fragrances can transport you to another place and time or simply alter your mood. Just the other day on an errand in Center City Philadelphia, I spotted a new French perfumery, L’Occitane En Provence, on Walnut St. I had such a good time trying out fragrances and eventually treated myself to one and picked up another for a father’s day gift. What a delight!

FIDELITY. Now there’s an f-word if ever there was one. While you are busy being a super star to all the people, pets, and processes that rely on you, don’t forget the promise you made to yourself. Keep your faith. Take the time to be now who you always wanted to be. Take her and kiss her on the mouth! Love yourself. Make good on your truths, not only the ones that benefit others.

There are more f-words that are helpful to remember, like future, for example. The future is bright because you can create the life of your dreams. And you can create your dream life just as you are, right where you are, in six steps or less. Stop by my website to learn how. I offer you Dream Life Coaching because I know you are ready to shatter the self-improvement ceiling, bask in the light of a better day, dirty your mind with the mud pies of childlike imagination, wash away worry, and kick can’t to the curb. Be sure to spend some time in my meditation room and simply allow yourself to fall into your computer screen. And don’t forget to grab a free gift before you leave.

Krista Nelson, 54, is the single mother of five children now aged 18 to 28 in Philadelphia, PA. She received her BA in Journalism from Temple University, and an MA in Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix. Krista self-published her memoir, “My Secret Barack: Crowning The King” which is available through Astonished by the manifesting power of journal keeping, she was propelled to produce “Your Dream Life in Six Steps or Less,” a memoir and workbook scheduled to launch in the fall of 2014. She currently provides Dream Life coaching in-person and/or over the telephone, walking customers through her six-step process. Learn more about Krista and her Dream Life coaching at

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5 thoughts on “Krista Nelson, Personal Coach & Guest Contributor

  1. Its an inspiring message, but like everything else, “there is literally nothing new under the sun,” which
    means its been said time and time again about making time for yourself, but in your own way,
    I know burdened by acreage and an ill husband, and trying to be the perfect mother and grandmother,
    I find I have to make my early mornings mine, and for me it means reading and writing poetry and
    stories. It’s easy to relate to the burdens of other women, keeping all the balls in the air at the same time, but writing about it helps, keeping a balanced perspective, and finding time for joy that can
    permeate even the neediest life. To free yourself from the quagmire that can inundate us so easily,
    sometimes requires, imagination that penetrates even the cloudiest day. We can glean what we can
    from others, but ultimately you are faced each day with “You,” and how to make the most of who “You are.

  2. Krista seems to equate family with negativity. There are some people who benefit from family ties.
    We don’t have to be with them — extended family — but it is important to be able to see them
    sometime and reflect on family memories. In May I toured my hometown, Jersey City, NJ, with two
    cousins, who were born there too. We got to tour the house where they lived in an apartment with their parents. This house was built in 1840. After 9/11 I was also fortunate to tour the brownstone where I
    lived as a child with my parents and sister. What a treat to see this 1889 house. Perhaps, she’s
    referring to family in residence on a daily basis.

  3. I am again and again surprised by my mother’s work. Her ability to balance work and family astounds me and makes me recognize the other mothers out there who are able to do the same thing, and I applaud them for that.

    Paula: Just to clarify, my mother, Krista, was not equating family with a negative. She stated ”You get together, but no one can stay long because our lives are so busy. Ten minutes after the hugs and cheek-kiss greetings, you’re taking your emptied potluck dishes and heading for the door.” Our family is so busy that when we get together the time goes so quickly that the constant laughter and flowing love fills us. Some of her friends complain that family responsibilities are overwhelming and they actually are.

    I agree with you that we should take time to see family, which is why my family enjoys multiple family dinners a month along with family vacations to inspire and expand our minds. Your family trips to Jersey and the houses also sound intriguing and are great ways to bond with family members. In times like this, Krista believes you should take a moment to reconsider and firmly understand what you, yourself, want. Through this self reflection, you can find balance and true happiness.

  4. I really appreciate this encouragement for Life Balance……something I can really use during this season of my life……working on it!!

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