Knowledge is About Consequences by Mary Lou Meyers

Here is another poem by my classmate Mary Lou which gives us much food for thought! I added a photo to lighten up the seriousness of this topic.
Knowledge is About Consequences
At first It seemed a glitch
in the predictable ups and downs of Life soon to be fixed;
until there was no switch to turn on the lights
in the darkest nights where we groped for reasons,
nor could it be read loud and clear, the cause of our fears.
The Truth every 100 years or more we have a Pandemic,
but no one kept score, and nameless it remained
until Covid-19 was blamed.
It’s invisible power manifested itself in such devious ways,
people were dropping here and there, first in China
we heard about, then everywhere,
but walls didn’t suffice anymore, we were one world.
With all our resources, we thought we could catch IT off guard,
when it didn’t, people were advised to wear masks,
some laughed about as though childish and phobic.
Fear lurks everywhere now,
settles in where  the old and infirm are cared-for,
they have little or no defenses to spare.
How can we break through the vise that grips us,
this rude awakening which robs us of breath?
We wait for validation instead of remaining safe,
not chanting USA with preconceived notions,
some marching without masks with placards of Gray,
nothing standing in the way of Freedom’s Way.
The switch from an all powerful Nation to one at risk.
Self-flattery leads us astray, does instinct betray us?
Only scientific endeavor can lead the way,
ultimately safeguard until the treatment appears
to banish our mounting fears, but we question validity
when defeat doesn’t come naturally to a Nation such as We.
The sing/song way we sang about the Depression,
how we reaffirmed our Soul in the turmoil.
The War Years brought tears and bravado both,
when the century goes by, they will remember
how it opened up with more than a sigh
for the thousands of lives lost in nine eleven.
They will remember our willpower when we defeated the Foe
instead of laying low.
But will they remember how the virus was?
Soft and insidious as a velvet glove taking on all,
even those who installed social distancing warnings;
making its way without regard to border crossings,
until a trail of dead bodies made them barred.
What we could not conceive of in all our nightmares
recall limited to reason at some point
fail in any explanation of negligence.
Our memories limited to expressions of Faith
or does it take over to generate Hope?
Do we take a cursory glance at Chance?
It’s the Nature of our submission
to an innocuous but deadly strain of commission.
These are the darkest days we’ve known as a Nation
for a long time,
which can’t be attributed to War Times,
where we were behind our GI’s no matter
the clime they found themselves in,
no matter the sacrifice we had to make.
We debate the opening of schools.
We went during the War Years, bombs dropping down
who knows where, submarines sited on the coasts;
went to a basement room or hid under our desk
during the atomic era blasts.
But the comfort of arms to disarm works against us,
and the sneeze dancing across the room infects us.
what is not known cannot easily be resisted like a kiss.

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