Kitchen Sink Stew *

Right before the week-end I decided to investigate my freezer, ‘frig and pantry and make a stew or soup. I have a side-by-side freezer and things tend to get lost, so it was time for me to do a “Search & Rescue.” The ingredients I used are what I had on hand. Your stew/soup doesn’t have to be the same. It’s the idea I am hoping you will find useful, that is, make a stew from scratch without buying anything new. Perfect on a rainy or cold day when you just want to “nest.”

Notes: If you keep the dish thick, it will be stew. If you add more liquid, it will be soup. Since the stew thickens overnight in the ‘frig, you may even have to add liquid to the stew the next day. Also, you can use more or less of what I suggest, keeping in mind that the liquid/stock will get absorbed, so don’t be too frugal with the liquid. You can always pour it off.


Utensils: Cutting board & Knife, soup pot
Prep. Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 1 – 1 1/2 hours
Category: Vegan & Gluten-Free


8 cups water or veg. stock
2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled
one organic carrot, scrubbed & sliced
one leek, peeled and sliced (white part only; I save the green for making stock)
one cup brown rice, rinsed

Any or all of the following:

one cup black-eyed peas (these can be dried peas, soaked overnight and then frozen or you can use canned, drained)
one cup (frozen) edamame beans, shelled
one cup (frozen) lima beans
one cup chick peas (dried chickpeas can be soaked overnight and then frozen or you can use canned, drained)
one cup dried lentils (no soaking needed, but rinsed) one cup (brown) rice, rinsed
one half baked or cooked potato (I had a (white) sweet potato in the ‘frig that I had cooked the nite before)

parsley & dill or other herbs of your choice
tamari, miso, or Bragg’s Aminos,  or salt & pepper to taste


Place all the ingredients in a large soup pot (Dutch oven) and bring to a boil. then reduce the flame and allow to simmer until the rice is done and the carrots are tender. Add the tamari or Bragg’s, etc. to taste. For a soup, add more stock, but for stew, allow to remain thick.




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