Just Because it’s June: 2010

When I was high school, there was a very popular and shapely girl in my class named June. And this was the era of Rogers’ & Hammerstein’s plays, in particular, Oklahoma! So the guys used to sing about classmate June with the title: June is Bustin’ Out All Over….and she would blush.

I don’t think that was the “bust” the songwriters meant, but I always remember the song for that reason. Now, of course, I think that term means that all the summer flowers are bursting and all the foods of summer are beginning to show up at Farmers’ Markets and supermarkets.

So for June, I hope to feature some early summer recipes and flowers that are in my neighborhood and beyond.  For example, today’s feature pictures are from my walk last week in my friend Linda’s neighborhood, where the houses are somewhat different, as is the foliage.

This was a basket of flowers on the steps of a house in my friend Linda’s neighborhood, where I walked with her last week. I love the way the sunlight (it was early morning) strikes the flowers.

Salads are an important part of my summer recipes…not just lettuce-based salads, but also cold grain salads like tabouli, slaw salads, and marinated veggie salads.  Here is a photo of spinach salad with pixie tangerines, which I will post later this week. The photo is just a tease!

Spinach Salad with Pixie tangerines and Lime Dill Dressing

Error! I had planned to post the Profile of Johanna Hertz in May and Gabrielle Pelicci in June, but reversed them in error. So this month I will post Johanna, pictured (again) in her shop, Cloth & Bobbin. In fact, I  will post this as my first article for June. My apologies to you and Johanna.

May was National Mental Health Month and I  had started to post my short list of books on the subject. But company this week-end interrupted my posting, so I will post it this month. Glad I am the boss of my blog or I would have been fired! (And since I am writing this on Memorial Day, this is a perfect place to make a Memorial Day acknowledgment for all the men and women who make our freedom possible.)

Since I have not posted any products in the last couple months, I thought for June I would feature the cleaning products I have been using recently, which give a positive nod to the concept of Earth Day Every Day. These are products by METHOD and I really feel good about using them. More on the posting….

A Sample of Method Cleaning Products

Finally, I plan to review another book from Square One Publishing. It is a book on eating raw foods, but do’;t get nervous. Many of the recipes use familiar foods and with warm weather, less cooking might not be a bad idea!

P.S. My husband and I are going on vacation the last week in June, so I am not sure how much I will actually be able to post before I leave. I can also postdate my articles, but time is the issue, so if this month is shorter, I will make up the short fall in July. Here is a final picture of what beautiful summer flowers are in bloom. JOYous June! (I have not forgotten that JOY is my theme for 2010!)

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  1. Joyous photos for June. Have a joyous vacation! Don’t worry about the entries for now. We’ll be here waiting for you.Paula

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