Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work!


A couple of years ago, my husband’s son Jay took us to see the documentary of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, an apt title for this documentary about this audacious, irreverent comedienne, writer, entrepreneur, mother and more.

I read her book about bouncing back and was impressed with her honesty, candor, and advice. Her latest, Diary of a Mad Diva is high on my reading list.

While many people have criticized her for inappropriate comments, she also was self-deprecating, so she spared no one, not even herself.

I liked her wit and sense of humor, and while I would not like to be the brunt of her sharp criticism, she was very caustically funny and I will miss her (…. and Robin Williams). At 81, she was still edgy and entertaining!

3 thoughts on “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work!

  1. Joan went out on a high. Still working and entertaining and blasting people,
    rather like Don Rickles. She was a little too confrontational for my taste
    but I admired her spunk and outspokenness. Now Robin Williams was
    another great loss. Too busy changing faces and entertaining to reckon
    with his own challenges perhaps. He was a much warmer, more lovable
    comic in my view. He checked out much too soon.

  2. Robin Williams and Joan Rivers gave the world what it needs more of on a daily basis – smiles and
    laughs. Each comedian has his/her style, and we all have our favorites. The bottom line is that each
    provided a “time out” from the issues of our lives and the issues of the world. Too many outstanding
    performers – actors, musicians, and comics – have left us. The Circle of Life……….

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