Jay Jacobson’s New CD: RIDE plus Update

My son by marriage, Jay Jacobson, has released a new CD called RIDE. He has a wonderful voice, so I know you will like it! Info below the cover shot:

Jay Jacobson’s critically acclaimed new CD, “THE RIDE” available today

To hear parts of each song, click on this code:

“The Ride” has been receiving rave reviews:

“Having a well layered background akin to a large act like Coldplay… incredibly radio friendly and has a very large potential for listener reach. I heard a voice that loves not only theatrical novelty, but spreading happiness as well. A warm and influential record, listening should evoke a high risk of encountering gentle tones, warm vibes, and desire to hit repeat.” – HyPursuit

“Jay Jacobson makes a memorable impression… There are classical influences as well as soaring vocals. He has an amazing tenor voice that glides between melodies. All the piano parts are beautifully rendered that they sound magical… uplifting… artfully crafted… You better pick this recording and the rest of his albums because I am sure you will love his kind of music!” – Sphere Music

“Jay Jacobson does an awesome job in the vocals department, hitting such high notes that I could only imagine hitting in my lifetime.” – Indigo Indie

“…bouncy-ness of beats that keeps the music fresh and alive… Jay Jacobson has the talent and style that is indeed worth that listen, because it jumps at you each time you hear it.” – Nataliez World


10/20 UPDATE: Jay just sent me this, one of his songs on Ride called I Lived. Terrific! This will bleed into margin.
theJayJacobson has shared a video with you on YouTube
CLICK on the title below the figure>>>

I LIVED from JAY JACOBSON’s CD THE RIDE official music video

Official music video for the song, “I Lived” by Jay Jacobson, from the CD, “The Ride”. Available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. For more info check outwww.jayjacobson.com

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