Japan in Spring

My kid brother Harry & his wife Karen recently returned from Japan. Harry is a retired  ophthalmologist who loves to take photographs. He loves everything about the eyes. He sent over 200 photos and I picked just a few of his nature photos & asked him for a few sentences of comment. See below:

Japan is an exotic land filled with polite people who are seemingly always in a hurry; sounds and signs of a language that is not easy to master; and foods that a westerner like me had difficulty identifying as well as eating. Japan also boasts countless temples with beautiful gardens and cities with diverse personalities. Everything is bright and clean – and crowded! I think it may take a non-Asian a bit of time to fully appreciate the culture. A trip there will give you “food for thought.”




I picked all the ones that reflected the season of spring. Hope you enjoyed them. es

3 thoughts on “Japan in Spring

  1. Spring has “sprung” in more places than one.
    Beautiful photos. Was this a trip or a residence return?
    I have a Japanese niece through marriage. My nephew,
    Robert, an Army attorney, married Karou. They live in Alaska with their
    4 children.

  2. Japan is a beautiful country with people that pay attention to minute details in their gardens, no matter the size, though very crowded and there are still not a great deal of foreigners who live there. It is difficult to “read” them according to Dave, who took a business trip there in the ’90’s because they nod their head in politeness, but they don’t necessarily agree with what you say. It is therefore sometimes difficult to do business with them, and they are not always flexible. It’s interesting, but company, country, and family are honored in that order. I don’t think many Americans would agree with that.
    They mimic Americans when it comes to music, and they have adopted baseball as their national sport

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