It’s a Wrap! It’s a Pocket! It’s a Sandwich!

My first experience with pita bread was in 1973, when I lived in Israel. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and it came in this round, flat bread with a pocket, which I later learned was called pita bread. After that I ate felafel with tahini sauce and veggies and fell in love with the idea of this kind of sandwich.

Stuffed pita pockets

Sandwiches on sliced bread are as American as apple pie. And most bag lunches feature some kind of sandwich. In the last few years, however, others forms of “sandwiches” have become popular, such as the above-mentioned pita pockets.  Now  we have all kinds of sandwiches that do not use the traditional two pieces of bread. Bagels are no longer used only for lox and cream cheese, tortillas no longer need to be stuffed with only rice and beans, and Nori wraps can roll around all kinds of veggies and grains. With school starting, I thought I would offer some ideas for traditional and non-traditional sandwiches.


Nori wrap

Here are some ideas for making sandwiches, using whatever kind of wrap or bread you like.  Many of these ideas come from the Nutrition Action Healthletter, January/February 2011 and others from my own cookbook, The Whole Foods Experience. (Go to MY BOOKS for ordering info).

Dressing can be as simple as olive oil & lemon with a touch of mustard or use a natural dressing that you purchase. Add salt, pepper, cayenne pepper or other condiment of your choice. Also, for those on gluten-free diets, use your favorite gluten free bread.  Add a bowl of soup and a hearty, tasty, healthful lunch is ready to eat!

Any spreadable nut butter with cucumber, onion & sprouts on whole grain bread
Avocado, sprouts, grated carrots, cooked chick peas in pita
Cream cheese, tomato, lettuce & sprouts on a bagel
Banana slices, nut butter and jam on oatmeal bread
Black beans, avocado, rice, sprouts or shredded lettuce on corn tostado or wrapped in a tortilla


Blue corn tortillas before being “wrapped up”

Cashew butter & sliced apples on cracked wheat bread
Cooked rice, grated carrots, grated red radishes wrapped in Nori seaweed
Egg salad or tofu eggless salad,grated carrots & sprouts on gluten-free bread
Fruit butters (apple, peach, apricot) on corn bread
Grilled tofu flavored with mustard, ginger & tamari soy sauce; bean sprouts and sliced red or yellow bell peppers.
Hummus, roasted veggies (peppers, mushrooms, zucchini) & sprouts in pita
Pita “Hoagie”- Use your favorite filings for hoagies and top with dressing & sprouts
Portobello mushroom slices (cooked), cucumber, lettuce, sundried tomatoes (soaked to soften)
Shredded carrots, cabbage, & (daikon) radishes on crackers
Slices of  (non-dairy) cheese, cucumber, lettuce & mild onion on rye bread
Steamed & grated tempeh tossed with diced celery, grated carrots, chopped scallions mixed with a little mayo or softened avocado. (See my Permalink for Tempuna recipe below photo)


Photo of Tempuna -  Permalink:

For recipes related to the photos, except the one for Tempuna, which has its own permalink, go to my 2007 article ‘Wichcraft using this permalink:

P.S. Feel free to create your own sandwiches combos. If you create one you really love, please send it for me to post.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap! It’s a Pocket! It’s a Sandwich!

  1. I LOVE the idea of making a non traditional nori wrap! I will definitely use that idea for my next “sandwich”. It’s GENIUS!

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