Is Hanukkah the Jewish Christmas? My Essay in Women’s Voices for Change

A few days ago I received an invitation from to write an essay on how my attitude about Christmas has changed. I wrote back that I am Jewish and the request does not apply to me. But I also added that I could send an essay about  equating Hanukkah as the Jewish Christmas. All the essays were posted earlier today and mine is the second one down. Here is the link. Please feel free to comment on WVFC website, since they track the number of comments.


A wooden Hanukkah Menorah, also called a Chanukiah since it is a special Menorah for the 8 days of the holiday.  The candle in the middle is called the Shamesh and used to light the candles every night, one each night for the eight nights of Hanukkah, until all eight of the candles glow on the last night, which was on Dec. 13th.

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