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UPDATE: I posted this earlier in the month, but now the day is almost here, so I am reposting it. The gallery owner emailed me that she sold my first photo! Yay! The show is on until end of June, but I will be at the gallery on June 2nd, my half-birthday. ellensue

Dear Readers,

My 15 minutes of fame has finally arrived!  My article on laundry in Women’s Voices for Change was reprinted in The Philadelphia Inquirer and picked up by an artist with a small art gallery. She invited me to do an exhibit of my laundry lines of Italy. Below is the invitation. A little more than one month from today! If you are in the area, please come. It is open free to the public.
P.S. “Lavenderia” is the Italian word for laundry.







Ellensue Spicer-Jacobson

Lavanderia: The Art of the Clothesline

MAY 22 – JUNE 22, 2013

RECEPTION – SUN. JUNE 2nd – 2 – 4 PM


Sky High Laundry

10 thoughts on “Invitation Reminder

  1. Enjoy your opening! Will be hosting my sister-in-law and 2 nieces
    overnight Sat. Congrats on the sale. Maybe you can publish a laundry line coffee table book!

    Kim and boys are in Seattle now for Eric to visit Evergreen State College in Olympia. I am jealous.

    Will be hanging out tons of laundry next week as Barbara will be gone.

    Her washer broke last week and will be replaced tomorrow. She has
    lines on her upstairs balcony. I have lines next to the tea garden.
    Is going to Calif for a month.

    Ever get the porn novel? LOL

    Happy laundering?!

  2. ES…. Congrats on another wonderful idea, and another achievement. You go, Girl! love, -sylvia

  3. Congratulations Ellensue!!! THAT is an awesome photo :-) I wish the gallery was not so far from Highland Park where I’ll be staying the weekend when I’m up or I would meet you there to celebrate with you. My flight is early on Friday but I still will not make the reunion lunch by the time I get into town from the airport so I didn’t register for it. I will call you once I’m settled in. Hopefully we can meet for a bit in the afternoon. Enjoy your exhibit my friend!

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