Instead of Resolutions (#2)

Deepak Chopra is one of the people who I admire because of his knowledge of natural healing. His Chopra Center in California is one of the 100 places I want to see when I go to California to visit family.

In the meantime, his books, lectures (one of which I attended several years ago), his wisdom, etc. are all available through the magic of media.  In today’s posting, I want to list his seven spiritual laws of success, taken from his book of the same name. I received a small business card-size brochure with these 7 laws, which I am reprinting below instead of New Year’s resolutions. Fortunately, there is an Ayurvedic Center about 10 minutes from me and I go to an Ayurvedic practitioner as part of my visits to my family doctor, who is a D.O. involved in alternative healing modalities. Take what you can use from this list and see if these spiritual laws help you reach your goals, dreams, visions for 2013.

Note: I underlined what I feel I can use in my quest for a successful 2013.

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

SUNDAY: The Law of Potentiality– Take time to be silent, to just BE. Meditate for 30 minutes twice a day. Silently witness the intelligence within every living thing. Practice non-judgment.

MONDAY: The Law of Giving– Today, bring whoever you encounter a gift: a compliment or a flower. Gratefully receive gifts. Keep wealth circulating by giving and receiving care, affection, appreciation and love.

TUESDAY: The Law of Karma- Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind.  Choosing actions that bring happiness and success to others ensures the flow of happiness and success to you.

WEDNESDAY: The Law of Least Effort- Accept people, situations, and events as they occur. Take responsibility for your situation and for all events seen as problems. Relinquish the need to defend your point of view.

THURSDAY: The Law of Intention and Desire- Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment. Make a list of desires.  Trust that when things don’t seem to go your way, there is a reason.

FRIDAY: The Law of Detachment- Allow yourselves and others the freedom to be who they are.  Do not force solutions—allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential and your path to freedom.

SATURDAY: The Law of Dharma- Seek your higher self. Discover your unique talents. Ask yourself how you are best suited to serve humanity. Using your unique talents and serving others brings unlimited bliss and abundance.

P.S. If I had to pick one day of the seven that resonated the most with me, it would be Saturday.

The book is available online or in bookstores.


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