Important Earth Day Messages/Actions from the Breast Cancer Fund

This email seems to be a perfect one for Earth Day since it covers many environmental issues that we can address. On Earth Day itself I will post the new Dirty Dozen & Clean 15. Healthy Earth Day!

Detox your day!

From the shampoo in your shower, to the foam in your mattress, to the pillows that you sleep on… chemicals are everywhere, and they aren’t all safe.

We want to help you detox your day. Watch the AJ+ video “Is Your House Toxic?” >>

Stink! screening.jpgSTINK! stumbles upon a secret that the personal care and consumer product industries have been hiding and exposes it to trusting consumers!

Click here to buy tickets for the April 21 San Francisco screening of the movie the chemical industry doesn’t want you to see! We will keep you up-to-date on additional screenings around the country.

BPA action graphic.jpgA new report says two out of three food cans tested have toxic BPA in the linings.

Your support helped the Breast Cancer Fund and its partners issue these important findings. Please continue to support us.

The full report can be read here >>

In the News

tough mudder.jpg

Tough Mudder Tahoe – Truckee, CA June 11-12, 2016

Tough Mudder Tahoe is the ultimate course! Winding trails and steep mountain climbs collide, forcing you to dig deep and embrace the challenge. Apply today >>

PS. Please donate to the Breast Cancer Fund today as your financial support makes our work possible. Your contribution is an investment in a safer and healthier future for us all.

2 thoughts on “Important Earth Day Messages/Actions from the Breast Cancer Fund

  1. thanks for all the information, targeting what we all know but somehow are to lazy to practice
    but the careful selection of food and care products by their clean records. A good reminder for
    Earth Day to avoid poisoning the Earth already scared, let’s hope for a rebirth!

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