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Years ago, we referred to household gloves as rubber gloves, because they were originally made of rubber. Then we went “plastic”and for the last 20 years I have been buying plastic gloves to wash pots and pans. Now, however, in the local Mom’s Organic Store I found rubber gloves. This is what the back of the package states: (Direct quote)

These gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified latex, i.e. the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. And the rubber tappers, who cut the tree bark to get the raw rubber flowing, have received a fair trade premium, and it is their decision how to spend their extra income. If you Care Household Gloves—good for nature, good for people.

Below that is additional information, such as:

1. 100% natural cotton lining and 100% renewable resources
2. Fair-trade natural rubber
3. 100% renewable resources
4. FSC-certified recycled board pressed, chlorine-free (PCF) box with the suggestion to recycle the box, which I plan to do.



Last year I received food from Hungry Harvest, a delivery service that brings the food to your door. Unlike other companies like this, Hungry Harvest’s philosophy, directly from their website:

1. We Rescue Produce.

20% of delicious produce goes to waste for the most ridiculous reasons – too big, too small, too ugly … you name it, we’ve seen it. We find this produce that’s destined to go uneaten & we give it a home (with you, we hope).

2. We Curate, You Customize.

We curate variety boxes of this fresh, rescued produce & pack it up for delivery to your doorstep for less than grocery. You make it your own by adjusting the mix of fruits & veggies & adding on specialty items like eggs, granola & coffee.

3. We Deliver.

We deliver directly to you & deliver impact directly to our communities. Every delivery saves at least 10 pounds of produce from going to waste & supports the work of local hunger-solving organizations.


As of now, Hungry Harvest delivers to Washington, DC, MD, VA, NJ, PA, NC, FL and MI. Check your zip code if you live in any of these states to see specific locations in these states:
When Mom’s Organic opened in my area, I realized that I prefer to pick out my own produce, even though Hungry Harvest had organic choices. I may go back to the delivery system in the winter and it’s nice to know I can get organic produce delivered to where I live.



My friend Hope sent me to 
She recommended I check out their website for their energy movement. Here is the area Hope feels is most important, taken directly from the website:

Smart Meters

Smart communities have been saying no to smart meters. Whether you are concerned about safety, privacy, or your overall health, you have the right to decline or replace a smart meter on your home, apartment, or office building. This was our first cause and has some of the highest levels of interest worldwide, with a number of success stories.

Please go to the website for more information. I signed up for more info, and here is a link to the problems with smart meters:   Episode #1: Mass Action of Liability. After I watch it, I can comment further.



This is an item I have been using for about one year. I use half as much liquid detergent and a small bag (provided) of Eco Nuts. here’s the scoop from their packaging:
“These odd-looking Eco Nuts (trademark) are actually dried berries from a tree that grows in the Himalayas. When agitated in water, they produce a naturally occurring surfactant called saponin. Saponin can be used as a soap or detergent which gently cleanses or as a fabric softener-an option for those sensitive to conventional laundry detergents or other cleaning chemicals.”

The rest of the information explains how the berries are harvested and de-seeded and dried into a hard hollow shell that resembles a nut or acorn. Feel free to go to their website for more information as well as other products by this company. I use them with every wash!


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