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I was not planning a blog for this month, but as I was going through my files, I found an article on soup that I had written several years ago and thought January was the perfect month to feature soup. Since it was already written, I though, Why not? The recipes in Kitchen Nutrition are easy and hearty, perfect for cold days in winter, which are finally beginning to show up in the Northeast.

Then I interviewed Joan Waldbaum, Master Swimmer and viewed the DVD she recommended, called “Watermarks.” They were too fresh in my mind not to post the information, so a January blog was born! So look at Profiles and Book, Film, and Website Reviews.

Also, check out Health Flashes for the 20 trends for 2007 and see how many are food- and health-related. Then take a look at Pique to Peek for a preview of what’s coming in February.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, because I don’t like the feeling of failure if I don’t follow through. Instead, I offer my vision for 2007, which is to re-create my ceremonial workshop, now called “Women Celebrating Women.” I am willing to travel so long as my travel expenses are included in the cost of the workshop. Next month I will have more information on this workshop.

Don’t miss the epitaph/poem in This ‘n That, after my nod to author Jane Wyatt. The poem is too precious to miss!

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year, reaching as many of your goals and dreams as you can, and being kind to yourself if you don’t reach all of them. Striving in itself is a worthwhile goal. So keep on striving, like the women in Watermarks. They are my new role models for courage, spunk, and endurance!

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