Home Front – A Moving Novel by Kristin Hannah

NOTE: While working on my posting for 9/11, I also started reading a book that I did not realize had to do with the war in Iraq. The night I finished reading it was also the night I watched the 9/11 Tunnels to Towers (tunnel2towers.org/) documentary on PBS. (Link to my P.S. on 9/11 at the very bottom the page:
( http://www.menupause.info/archives/19338)  Coincidentally, the documentary talked about and showed soldiers returning from Iraq with major injuries and how the Tunnels to Towers Foundation is building houses to address and accommodate the soldiers with disabilities. So far the foundation has raised $70,000,000 for this and other good causes, including damages from Hurricane Sandy and the earthquake in Haiti. Check out their website and the documentary about Stephen Siller, a young firefighter (34 years old) whose body was never recovered and how his siblings started this foundation to honor their youngest brother and to remember him and all those who died on 9/11.



In the book, Home Front, the major character, Jolene, is a soldier  in the Reserves with two young daughters. Her husband is not at all happy when she is deployed to Iraq and wants her to quit the Reserves. She explains that if she does not go, she will be court-martialed. The dialogue between husband and wife and wife and children is very emotional as Jolene prepares to leave with her best friend, another reservist, to Iraq.

When Jolene returns from Iraq with injuries and is recuperating from, we learn about her post-traumatic stress disorder that she and her husband do not recognize at first. The second half of the book explains and describes the emotional roller coaster of PTSD. The author’s words and feelings for all her characters hit me right between the eyes, or maybe my heart, bringing tears to my eyes for the last 75 pages of the book.

Since this is a novel, I realize that the author wants to tug at our heart strings. But as I was reading it, I could see this book as a movie that explains PTSD in a dramatic way and how it affects the entire family.  If you are looking for a good story and have plenty of tissues, I highly recommend Kristin Hannah’s book, Home Front, published by St. Martin’s Press. (I also photocopied a list of her other books to read. My friend Jackie introduced this wonderful author to me. Thanx, Jackie!)

At the beginning of Part Two of the novel, “A Soldier’s Heart,”  is a quote by Marcel Proust that I think is worth reprinting:

We don’t receive wisdom;
we must discover it for ourselves
after a journey that no one can take for us
or spare us.

____ Marcel Proust




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  1. Coll Says:

    Quite a powerful book, evidently.
    Like the Marcel Proust quote from the book.


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    She is a good writer. es

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