Holiday Poem from Mary Lou Meyers & Art by Linda Garfield

Thanx to my classmate Mary Lou for all her wonderful poetry and to local artist Linda Garfield for her art, whose message seems to match Mary Lou’s poem, quite by accident!
Float Your Boat
Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza
may seem lack-luster this year,
devoid of glitter and the usual cheer,
with dreams tarnished by Covid-19.
Shopping for gifts has become an unnecessary
hazard to your health, what you do is online,
but held to a minimum to stretch your budget
without any holiday bonuses in sight.
Losing its glitz and glamor, the Rockefeller tree
seems undernourished as though disease has tainted it.
Even Longwood Gardens, the foremost display garden
in the world must observe caution in the holiday rush
with circuitous routes in and out of the Conservatory
and in-between, round circles which insist six feet between.
Still they have created a kind of perfection
which cannot be reached by this weary world
with trees magnified in lights and show-stopping ornaments
and the ones crafted by Nature’s own sculptor.
This seems such a superficial glaze this season,
when everyone was once greeting in overabundance.
Christmas was once an accomplished art
which lifts the spirit of the heart,
and rewards both the Receiver and the Giver.  
There are so many dead ends now,
cut off from crowd-pleasing activities,
ordering on line, avoiding the seasonal rush,
for some might still bargain and bluff for the right stuff
even though they’re putting their life on the line.
Why not recapture the lost Art Form
of Elliot Page <
writing the Annual Christmas Letter.
Fill the air with a kind of cheer which transfigures
the ones, who may be lost in the numbing
atmosphere and fear a kind of mental break-down.
Maybe in the End, it’s the simplest things
that matter most as we begin a New Year of 2021.
I am reminded of a ritual we performed as children
on New Year’s Day after the let down of the Christmas holiday.
In a more subdued tone, we took the half-shells of walnuts,
and filling the tub, placed a lighted candle in each.
Still under the spell, we attached a Wish to the mast.
In the darkened room, we watched the candles flicker
while waves splashed and the riptides flooded
the plucky little boats with their brave candle masts.
Those who made it to the other side,
the fervent ones which never brushed aside their Will Power,
never to be impeded by Time or Tide,
they were lifted by a giant Hand
and made safe and secure on the Promised Land.
Have a Safe Holiday Season

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