Here’s to Ten Years of Cambodian Children’s Fund

I forgot to post this on A Time to Give which just posted yesterday. Here is their 10th anniversary announcement from our family member Ignacio. I cannot lift the entire email so please go to the video for an inspiring story. Scott is one person making a huge difference.

Link to Just Two of the many You Tube Videos:

The first is the one Ignacio sent about the 10th anniversary and Scott’s amazing work and the second is a TV interview with Scott on how he started CCF.



There are many other links on the You Tube to see more. Take the time to view this inspiring story,videos/interviews.

It was in 2004 that Cambodian Children’s Fund formed with the mission of providing 87 kids with an education. Now, a decade later, we’re serving 2,200 students and helping thousands of families receive the care, healing and dignity they deserve.

Your help made this all possible. Your continued support ensures a generation of children make a transformative impact here in Cambodia.

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