Heart-to-Heart: February 2013

This is the iconic Love Statue/Sculpture in Center City,Philadelphia, only minutes from where we live.
Here is what www.visitphilly.com says:
The City of Brotherly Love’s best-known landmark is LOVE itself — the Robert Indiana sculpture in John F. Kennedy Plaza, northwest of City Hall. Installed in 1976, LOVE was briefly snatched away in 1978, but popular demand brought it back where it belongs.

February is the busy month focused on hearts: heart disease, Valentine’s Day, V-Day (to be explained). Also on the calendar are The Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, International Condom Day (That’s a new one for me, on the same day as Valentine’s Day), Presidents’ Day, and the Jewish holiday of Purim, which is akin to Halloween. I won’t be featuring all of these, but might give a little background on most  of them.

Since I met my (second) husband right around Valentine’s Day in 2003, I will be posting some article or rhymes about our romance at ages 65 (me) & 69 (him). It is our 10th anniversary of meeting each other, so it is a big enough anniversary to make a bit of a fuss about.  I will post in Relationships and Poetry.

Here is the Heart Garden at Boldt Castle, on the St Lawrence River on the Us/Canadian border, which we visited in the Fall of 2012

Recipes in February are often hot, such as chiles, but my focus will be on soups, because February is definitely a soup month where we live. (I may squeeze in one chile recipe.) I came across a book called 100 Best Fresh Soups and will feature a couple of its recipes.  Lots of good recipes are bubbling inside!!


Purim comes early this year. It is the holiday associated with Hamentaschen, a delectable dessert made with fruit & sometimes nuts. I will re-print the recipe when that holiday comes near.  There are several ways to make it, but my favorite is the one I learned when I worked in a Jewish family restaurant back in the late 1960s.

February is also Black History Mont h in the U.S. I hope to Profile Maya Angelou, whom I actually saw in person many years ago when I lived in Williamsport, PA. What a presence! She read  one of her poems that I
still have & plan to post.


There is another book I want to review in Nobody Eats Like Me category, because it is the most common sense book on healthy eating and weight loss I have yet to review. It was recommended tome by my Ayurvedic practitioner and it is worthy of your consideration.

Of course, February is also American Heart Association Month, coupled with their 10-year old movement Go Red for Women, to emphasize heart disease among women as being the leading cost of death in women. Actually, the campaign starts on February first, so put on something red tomorrow. And if you have a red dress pin, please wear it. They are available at Macy’s.

In culling my files, a constant chore, I found lots of info on heart disease and women, so I may post several short pieces at least once each week to keep us focused on the importance of being “heart smart.”

However, my husband & I will be taking a short vacation to warmer climes from Jan. 29th to Feb. 6th, so if I don’t respond to your comments, please be patient and I will respond when I return. Til then….

♥Have a happy, healthy February♥

P.S. During early February I learned that Women’s Voices for Change would publish one of my Valentine essays about how I met my second husband right before Valentine’s Day 10 years ago. Here is the link to that article: http://womensvoicesforchange.org/take-a-chance-on-silver-romance.htm.

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