Heart Matters: 2008


Tree outside my window: The Beauty of Brevity

Valentine’s Day has always been the focus of February, with pink and red hearts and all kinds of hype to celebrate LOVE. For me, February has taken on some additional meanings. For starters, it is the 10th anniversary of V-Day, started by author/performer/activist Eve Ensler, whose organization focuses on ending violence against woman. Having seen Even Ensler perform in both The Vagina Monologues in New York City in February 2001 and again in The Good Body a couple years ago at the University of Pennsylvania, I would say she is a powerful performer and committed activist. I highly recommend your going to her website: http://v10.vday.org/ and checking out the upcoming activities.

Second, February is National Heart Month. Here is some important Heart Smart information quoted directly from www.about.com:

Did you know that February is American Heart Month, and not because of Valentine’s Day? Every year since its congressional approval in 1963, the President has issued a proclamation to this effect, to help raise public awareness of heart disease. Even though most people associate heart disease with men, it’s also the leading cause of death among women. To raise awareness of this fact, the American Heart Association’s Go Red campaign aims to help women take action against heart disease. So wear your heart on your sleeve by wearing something red today.

Also, please go to www.goredforwomen to learn more about what we can do to lower the statistic of 460,000 women dying each year from heart disease, still the #1 killer of women in America, as noted in the above quote.

Finally, red foods are featured in Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes , with an emphasis on red peppers, one of the heart-healthy foods listed in Health Flashes, also posted today. I have also included a profile of Dr. Terri Goldfine.

This “posted today” noted above is a perfect segue to a slight change in the website. After a survey of my mailing list, some readers liked the idea that I post throughout the month so they can read the website in smaller “bytes.” Some prefer the posting all at one time, as I have been doing.

So I will experiment. I will post twice each month when my deadline looms too large to handle, or a special event takes place before my regular mid-month posting. For example, since February 1st is Go Red Day, I am posting part of the site today in order to remind you to wear red on Friday, February 1st., only two days away. I already have a new red sweater I am wearing that day. See if you can wear red that day, also.

By mid-month I hope to have something in each of the other categories. Also, note that I have started the Index of website links that I mention in my articles, so you can investigate these sites further on your own.

Finally, I was able to take two snapshots of snow-covered trees outside my apartment. I love trees in every season, especially fall, but there is something striking about the starkness of snow on bare branches that I wanted to catch on film and share it with you.

For February I wish you a happy, healthy heart! Feel free to email me at: menupause2006@yahoo.com, or use the comment form on the website to let me know how you like having the website posted in two parts.


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