Healthy Hearts for Women

A few days ago I went to hear a talk entitled “Preventing Women’s Heart Disease Through Education” by a young woman whose mother died of heart disease. The mother, Carol, did not know that over a period of years she had suffered several silent heart attacks. The speaker and her sisters started a non-profit organization called Carol for Heart in honor of their mom. They have a website: that you might want to check out, since heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women, far surpassing breast cancer.

At the talk, we received a packet of information that included a booklet from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health devision, entitled The Healthy Heart Handbook.. In the back of the booklet are several websites, the first of which is:, which should get you started on your information gathering.

I admire the speaker and her sister for their commitment to educating women about heart disease. As a nutrition educator, I truly believe that education is the key to staying healthy, and in this case, of preventing heart disease.

Note: See my Special Report on Women’s Hearts in Health Flashes for more comprehensive information on this subject

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