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I have a large stack of nutritional tidbits that I need to post, so I am starting with one from the AARP Bulletin with a special section entitled: 99 Ways to Add Healthy Years to Your Life, only I am only listing those that are related to diet, since Menupause was first envisioned as only recipes but morphed into  much more. But I still like to keep tabs on health issues.

Under the section sub-titled Eat the Good Stuff, there are some helpful ideas that are explained in the text. These are just the highlight titles with a few explanations, numbered as they are in the article:

44. Feed Your Muscles (fiber, good fats, etc.)

45. Build Unbreakable Bones (with good foods)

46. Eat fiber, cheat death

47. Eat Fruits & Vegetables….

48. …and Nuts and Seeds

49. …Or Maybe Just Eat A Little Bit Healthier

50. Back Off on Calories

51-55. Cut Back on These Inflammatory Foods:
Sugar, Refined Flour, Freid Foods, Omega-6
Fatty Acids from foods fried in corn & veg. oils),
and Artificial Sweeteners

56. Drink Your Milk (Or supplement with vitamin D if no milk in your diet. es)

57. Order the Guacamole. (Supposed to ward off metabolic syndrome & belly fat)

58. Boost Your Lentil Health. (Lowers mortality risks)

59. Book a Mediterranean Eating Tour (Med. diet shows positive results for longevity.)

60. Cut Meat, Add Beans

61. Make Time for Tea (linked with lower inflammation, weight loss, reduced cancer risk.)







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