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On Thursday, December 28th, 2006, The Philadelphia Inquirer printed a fairly large article in the Food Section entitled: Twenty Trends for 2007. I decided to post this list, because so many of the trends are health-related (for our bodies and the planet). Here’s the list, with some direct quotes, although not the entire quote for each trend. Check with for the entire article:

1. Health & wellness: “Dietary issues are the focus of young and old alike.”
2. Organic foods: “Now solidly mainstream (and sold at Wal-Mart).”
3. Amazonian trends: Foods from other continents are becoming popular.
4. Foods of the moment: The newspaper lists “exotic foods” such as Marcona almonds, artisan cheeses, multicolored beets, etc.
5. Environmentally friendly: “In production, processing, and packaging, “green” gets the go ahead.” The newspaper lists bamboo as a trendy, renewable resource for cutting boards.
6. And by extension, ethical eats. People are seeking more locally grown produced and more humanely raised animals.
7. An ethnic stew: “Asian markets remain a major part of the food scene, with Vietnamese among the most popular.”
8. Spanish/Hispanic cuisines: “Look for more tapas-style bistros, and South American restaurants.”
9. Functional foods: Ex.”A lightly carbonated green tea drink with ginger and caffeine that burns calories rather than adds them (courtesy of the Coke folks).
10. Water, water, everywhere: “Premium imported, flavored, enhanced and oxygenated waters have gulped a good share of the beverage market.”
11. Hot chocolate: Dark chocolate is a hot item with a health angle; hot chocolate, the drink, is a newer twist on the trend (the more bitter the better).”
12. Drinkable desserts: A natural progression from the return of cocktails and influx of flavored vodkas….newest creations incorporate non-liquid ingredients such as applesauce…”
13. Salt of the earth—and sea: “Specialty salts are ever more accessible, and exotic…each with its own unique flavor and tint.”
14. Fat is back: The article lists fatty fishes, not “good fats” such as avocado or olive oil.
15. Where’s the beef?: A redefinition of the traditional steak house and more upscale burger joints is in the forecast.
16. Accommodating menus: “Grazers and fans of small plates will appreciate the increased flexibility of restaurants.” (example: all-day breakfast items)
17. Continuation of small portions: “Joining tapas and Greek meze is a Japanese version—small plates served at taverns called izakayas.”
18. *Personalized diets: “Recognizing that even healthful food plans don’t come in one-size fits all formats, dietitians are focusing more on diets geared to individual body types and metabolisms.”
19. Thoughtful consumption: …”American (now-emphasis mine) want to know more about where and how their foods are coming to them.”
20. Retro redux: Retro parties and menus from all periods—‘70s, ‘60s, 50s.”

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(This salad photo from a previous blog seems apropos for these trends, most of which are healthy food trends.)

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