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Aug. 17th Health Flash

Last week, while waiting at the dentist to have my teeth cleaned, I read a new magazine called Newsmax. In it was a most interesting tidbit of information that was gleaned from a study posted in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which deals with mainstream medicine. I quote from Newsmax:

Middle-aged white Americans are far more likely to suffer illness than their English counterparts. The results come as a surprise, since U.S. health-care spending is twice as much per capita as that of England. The gap between the countries holds true across various demographics, including educated and uneducated, and rich and poor.

The article also gave statistics that Americans reported as much as twice the rate of the English for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Maybe there is a greater need for complementary medicine, that is, the joining of mainstream medicine with that of alternative practitioners. We certainly can’t do much worse if we are already spending twice that of England and are almost twice as sick as our British counterparts.

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Polyphenols vs Cooked Foods
Betty Kamen, PhD and Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, MD have a website called with wonderful daily hints. This health flash is an excerpt from Hint #1502: Polyphenols and How You Cook.

Please go to Betty’s website to see more of Betty Kamen’s Hints and to subscribe to her database.

“Health-giving polyphenols, substances that protect against common health problems and may even delay the aging process, are easily destroyed when you peel, cook, or store most foods. Polyphenols can also block the action of enzymes that cancers need for growth and they can deactivate other substances that promote the growth of cancers.”

Editor’s Note: Here are two good reasons (anti-aging and cancer prevention) to emphasis fresh, organic “unfired foods” in your diet. Click on my feature article Chill Out with Raw Foods under Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes.

Look for a profile on Betty Kamen in a future posting.

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