Health Flash: Organic Consumers Association


Organic herbs from my patio garden

The Organic Consumers Association
has an impressive food agenda for the years 2005-2115. These are the top three items on their agenda:

1. A global moratorium on all genetically engineered foods and crops. Since GE foods and crops have not been tested or labeled, the organization believes they should be removed until they are tested SAFE.
2. Call on the government to stop subsidizing industrial agriculture and begin the immediate phase-out of all dangerous pesticides; ban hormones, implants, antibiotics and rendered animal proteins; and discontinue corporate feedlots, irradiation, and the use of toxin sewage sludge.
3. Implement a long-term “transition to organic” program to convert agricultural production in the US from chemical-intensive, industrial farming to at least 30% organic by 2015.

This is an important agenda. For more information and/or to get involved, go their website (see link above) or email them at:


I call this Thyme for Flowers, since these are the tiny flowers that emerge as my thyme plant ends it summer cycle outdoor growing season.

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