Health Digest #3: Bones, Leaky Gut & Multiple Ailments

Healthy Bones

Source: Nutrition Action Magazine, Nov. 2010

Crones & Bones (Note: I do not define a crone as a cantankerous, witch-like woman, but rather just as an older female, who embodies the wisdom that comes with age, as well as not being afraid to speak her mind.)

As we age, more women than men will break a bone because of osteoporosis (porous bones). In this article, there is a case being made for an acid-base balance in the diet. As we age, we seem to become more acidotic, that is, we have too much acid in our bloodstream.

Interestingly, Bess-Dawson-Hughes, who was interviewed by Nutrition Action for their cover story, notes that the acid in protein like beef is less harmful than the acid produced by grains!  Also, Vitamin D is linked to muscles and bones, because it improves the strength in the legs, lowers the risk of falling, and lowers the risk of fracture if you do fall.

In my blog, www.nobodyeatslikeme, I am doing a series on food plans and diets. The first one is the acid-alkaline (base) food plan. You may want to check it out to find out more about the importance of balancing acid foods with alkaline foods.

P.S. I think the information about acid-producing grains is very valuable for me as a vegetarian.


Leaky Gut Syndrome

Source: Freshlife OPTIONS newsletter from, May 2008. This is a magazine from my long-time friend’s store in Williamsport. Barb Jarmoska is the owner of the store and author of the article. If you click on the link above  to the website, you can read download OPTIONS to your computer.

According to the article: Have You Sprung a Leak? Many illnesses seem to be related to leaky gut syndrome. These illnesses include asthma, food allergies, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, acid reflux, autism, migraines and schizophrenia. (The list is longer, but you get the idea. es) Leaky gut syndrome is medically known as hyper intestinal wall permeability and is often not diagnosed.

When you eat, the food is mixed and churned with enzymes, water and hydrochloric acid to produce chyme, and when this liquid chyme comes in contact with the next part of the gut, leaky gut can develop becomes inflamed and cannot do its job and the gut literally leaks. Unfiltered particles get into the bloodstream and contribute to
the laundry list of ailments above.

According to Barb’s information, the Standard American Diet is largely to blame. (The acronym SAD is apropros! es) The top four triggers of leaky gut syndrome are: wheat, corn, soy & milk, found in many processed foods. You can test these foods on your own with an elimination diet, that is, avoiding these foods one at a time for 10-15 days and then reintroducing that food to see if symptoms return.

A shaft of wheat, which contains gluten. Many people who avoid gluten find their digestion improves.

Perhaps the reason there are so many people on special diets is that many of us have some level of undiagnosed leaky gut. And if the symptoms are sever or you have problems with no diagnosis, you may want to consult a nutritionist for help with an elimination diet. I learned last year that I am wheat sensitive and when I cut wheat from my diet, my digestive problems went away. There are many new foods available to anyone on a special diet. It’s a challenge, but your health is worth it!

Note: If you go to the right hand side of the article, you will see Kitchen Nutrition Index. Click on it & you will find that many of my dishes are already gluten, dairy, and sugar free.

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