Happy Mother’s Day

I will probably be offline tomorrow so I can go to yoga*, then a garden nearby and afterward have lunch or dinner with my husband. Celebrating this way will keep me from being sad that I am too far from my three children to celebrate with them in person. But I received lovely cards and this bouquet of flowers from my older daughter, Eileen. The picture I took does not do the bouquet justice!



My friend Jackie sent me this simplistic rendition of Mother’s Day that really felt good. If G-d is not in your vocabulary, use Higher Power or whatever term feels right to you. Enjoy your day with whoever you share it!



Finally, my niece in California sent me this sculptured rendition of my mother playing cards, one of her favorite past times when she was alive.  Dori calls it Ma Bea! A good reminder that my mother was The Most Unforgettable Character I Have Ever Met!


*P.S. My younger daughter and daughter-in-law sent me a great greeting card with yoga poses and at the end, instead of Namaste, the traditional way we end our class, the card used “Momaste.” Perfect!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and all
    women who give a mother’s love and care!
    Beautiful bouquet, Ellen-Sue. Enjoy our special day
    all of you!
    ❤️ Paula

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