Growing Older Passionately

This is a perfect article to start the new year. And the photos are stock photos that I thought represented older women still, or maybe always, passionate about LIFE…..

inspired by a new posting on Women’s Voices for Change called: A Zest for Life by Deborah Hawkins. I wanted to post the website link because it will inspire you, no matter what your age:

And don’t forget to keep on dancing!

One thought on “Growing Older Passionately

  1. The most passionate listeners and writers in my Writer’s Group at Ware a Retirement Village are the
    102 year old African American women who feels privileged to have something to say that people actually listen to and respond to, and a 95 year old lady, whose listens for every word I say and recite. She says
    she could listen forever. They truly understand and know the value of the human tongue, and realize
    they are not forgotten but still alive when they orchestrate such feelings they have inside of them
    responding to their environment. They represent a true community of voices. Some after a tragedy
    in their lives, lay dormant, and now are aroused again talking about how though they’ve lost their
    significant other, they still have a contribution to make

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