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In going through my file on Earth Day, there is so much material that I would need to post every day for several months in order to put all the information on my site. So I decided to pull some quotes from articles & give the sources in case you want to read more. In between I will insert some of the photos I took in March when the weather was so lovely. This is offering #17 in my Earth Day, Every Day postings. (Italics mean direct quotes.)

The Earth  says: Rejoice! You have been born into a world of self-sustaining abundance and incredible beauty….As long as you control your numbers, there will be enough for everyone and for as long as you can imagine. Donella Meadows in YES! A Journal of Positives Futures, 2/20/2001. www.yesmagazine.org.)

…..It is the consciousness that our environment is nothing more than ourself and that working for the goal of a healthy planet is absolutely related to our well being.Many of us realize that the caring and maintenance of a safe, peaceful Earth is essential to life.  Do we see the relationship of our body (the home of our soul) to our Earth (the home of our body)? Our body has blood and the Earth has rivers. Our bodies have bones and the land has minerals. Our bodies have skin and the world has soil. Our bodies have hair and the Earth has grass and trees. (From a hard copy essay by Arthur Baral that first appeared in Vegetarian Voice Magazine, July/Aug. 1991, http://www.navs-online.org.)

Going green may be the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century. It is the mother of all markets. Going green is the next big thing. Ans the next generation insists that we do it. From an article by John Doerr in Time, Sept. 11th, 2006, entitled “California’s Global Warming Solution.”

At Gaiam we strive to preserve as many of our valuable resources as possible while also ensuring that your package and products meet your expectations.  To do so, we use and/or reuse our packing materials to help conserve resources and save trees. (www.gaiam.com)
This is a message from a mail order company that carries organic cotton linens, towels, etc. I  like the fact that the company explains its environmental policy, which includes reusing boxes, shredding unusable boxes for fill inside packages, using boxes with 33% recycled materials and newsprint from “end rolls,” the cores of which are also sent back to suppliers to be used again & again.

No long term human safety tests have ever been conducted on the consumption of genetically engineered food. Not has there ever been a thorough environmental assessment to see what happens when these plants are released into our ecosystem.

Part of a long essay on the inside of my box of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Cereal. The company calls for a moratorium on the planting of GE crops pending further studies. (My Note: GE crops are already in the system, because I posted a petition to have companies tell us which foods are GE. The kink was justlabelit.org.)

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