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Good News: Excerpted From Friends of the Earth

Breaking News: The Army Corps of Engineers just denied the permit for Pebble Mine! The proposed mine threatens Bristol Bay, Alaska — home of one of the last great wild salmon runs and Indigenous communities who rely on it.

The Army Corps of Engineers found that the mine would likely result in significant degradation of the environment. So it officially rejected the permit under section 404 of the Clean Water Act.

This is a huge victory for communities near Bristol Bay, the salmon fisheries, our environment, and our climate. It sends a message loud and clear to corporate polluters that they cannot destroy our pristine wild places.


Petition for the Trans Mt. Pipeline in Canada to be stopped:

Trans Mountain has just one week left to find insurance or it cannot proceed with its climate wrecking pipeline.

Thanks to public pressure, three of its insurers have already dropped out, leaving the company scrambling to find replacements. But there are still eight more insurers backing the pipeline, and we know Trans Mountain is pushing them to fill in the gaps.

If we can get even one more major insurer over the line in these final moments, it could stop the pipeline in its tracks. But with the August 31st deadline looming, we have no time to waste.

Will you write a short message to Trans Mountain’s remaining insurers right now, and help convince their CEOs that backing this pipeline would be a disastrous decision?


The Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline is a toxic project that, if built, would make it impossible for Canada to meet its climate commitments – and have global repercussions in the fight against climate

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