Good Food in Tough Times, Guest Writer Barb Jarmoska

I had planned to post a list of economic tips to keep food costs down while keeping nutritional benefits up, but my friend Barb Jarmoska of Freshlife beat me to the punch. Here is a recent posting from FreshMail. Go to to sign up for your daily Freshmail. (Freshlife also ships, so whatever you cannot find locally, Freshlife can usually get it for you. Call Sharon in the office @)1-888-371 LIFE [5433]). P.S. The photos are mine.

We’re all feeling the effects of the economic slowdown coupled with rising prices at the gas pump. Just because your budget is tight is no reason to compromise your health. Make smart choices – and continue to embrace your best health with wholesome, whole foods. Freshlife can help. Here are a few ideas to save you money and keep you eating wisely.

1. Focus on veggies. Cut back on meat and cheese-laden dishes. Choose vegetables in season and buy local produce to save money. For extra protein, use nuts, seeds, and eggs, which cost less than meat and provide essential vitamins and minerals.


2. Use beans. Organic legumes are the cheapest and most nutritious protein sources available. Dry beans offer better value than canned and are easy to cook in quantity. Look for a big selection of colorful beans, lentils and split peas at Freshlife and save 10% on the 5 lb. size.


3. Purchase protein wisely. When you buy meat, choose cuts that you can stretch in stir-fries and casseroles. Consider joining the Freshlife co-op to take advantage of special savings on organic, hormone-free and grass fed meat and poultry.
(This goes for non-meat protein as well, such as organic tofu and free-range eggs.)


4. Eat in season. Off-season produce can cost double its peak-season price. Buy in bulk at the height of the growing season and freeze or can items like corn, tomatoes, and berries.


5. Buy in bulk. Freshlife discounts all full case purchases. Order by the case and save 20% off the regular retail price of any item in the store.


Barb Jarmoska, Freshlife founder

P.S. Here are my add-ons:
1. Make soup stock from normally discarded or composted tops and bottoms of veggies, ex. carrot greens. (Check the archives for my recipe.)
2. To save on utility bills, cook double grains and beans and use for two meals or bake potatoes and a casserole in the oven together.
3. If buying in bulk is not space efficient, consider sharing the lower costs by splitting the order with a friend.
4. Instead of eating out as often, purchase an entree from a natural foods deli and make the salad and dessert yourself.
5. Start a small garden and expand as you have time and space.


(This is oregano from my patio garden.)


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