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A few days ago I posted a reprinted article on food shapes and health. This was the fact about tomatoes: “A  tomato has four chambers and is red. The  heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes  are loaded with lycopene and are indeed pure heart  and blood food.”

Also, on the Home Page I listed spinach as one of the 10 best foods for the heart. So you are doubly covered.

Thus, today’s recipe is perfect for Go Red Day tomorrow with emphasis on healthy hearts. And it is sooo easy! I  used (organic) cherry tomatoes, because regular tomatoes this time of year have no taste and are hard and pink instead of juicy and red.

♥ This is so pretty I almost framed it! ♥

Utensils: Cutting board and knife; serving platter
Prep. Time: About 10 minutes
Cooking Time: None!
Category: Vegan, Gluten-free, Raw


Organic cherry tomatoes, washed & cut in half or quarters, depending on their size
Red bell pepper, washed & chopped or cut into slivers
Red radishes, washed & cut in half
Organic spinach, washed, dried, stems removed (save for soup stock)
Olive oil and lemon or your own salad dressing
Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute or your own herbs
Salt & Pepper (optional)


1. Wash the spinach well; remove stems; dry and place on platter.
2. Wash tomatoes and cut into halves  or quarters; place on platter
3. Wash and chop bell pepper and sprinkle on top of tomatoes.
3. Wash radishes and cut into halves and place around the edge of the tomato & pepper pieces.
4. Garnish with sprouts (optional) and top with a whole cherry tomato.
5. Sprinkle on olive oil and lemon juice, herbs, and salt & pepper, if using.

Note: If you want, toss the salad with dressing and herbs and serve in a bowl, rather than a platter.
Serves two to four, depending on the size of your entree.

P.S. I served this with a beans and greens dish which I will post in a day or so.

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