Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pancakes


Utensils: Bowl, fry pan, spatula
Prep. Time: About 5-7 minutes
Cooking Time: About 5 minutes

Note: I used a gluten-free, dairy-free mix called Namaste, but you can create
your own flour mixture* (See recipe at end of all the recipes.) with flours of your choice to suit your dietary needs. These pancakes came out very light.


2/3 cup pancake mix
1/2 T.oil (I used macadamia)
One egg or egg substitute+
1/2 cup non-dairy liquid (I used almond milk)
dash of cinnamon or allspice (optional)

+A powdered egg substitute is available in health food
stores or you can combine one tablespoon ground
flaxseed with about 1/4 cup warm water and allow to
thicken a couple of minutes, using about 1/2 for this
recipe and refrigerating the rest for future use. (I
added it to my breakfast smoothie for extra fiber.)


1. Prepare egg substitute and set aside.
2. Combine pancake mix with egg (substitute), liquid
and spice if using it.
3. If using a non-stick pan, you need not add extra
oil, but with a regular fry pan, you can preheat it
and brush on a little oil.
4. Scoop up batter with a tablespoon and pour into
fry pan. Cook until little bubbles appear around the edges
of the pancakes; then flip over and cook a little longer.
5. Serve with pure maple syrup or unsweetened apple
butter, applesauce, or jam. Makes about 6-8 three inch pancakes.

Note: Depending on your choice of flours, you may need a little more
or less liquid to make a pourable consistency.

Variations: Add raisins, unsweetened coconut, ground
nuts, or sliced bananas to batter when first poured into pan.

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