Glitch Resolved!

Dear Readers, both subscribers & non-subscribers:

I had a panic attack this afternoon when I realized (with the help of my friend Jackie) that subscribers were not receiving notice when I posted an article. I thought this was only with Travel Tales, a new category, but Shayne, my web guru, advised me otherwise.

All of the recent posts were not sent to subscribers, and for non-subscribers, I am not sure if a topic came up when you Googled or Binged something on my site.

Below is a list of recent postings to bring you up to speed. I have included the link to take you directly to that category on my site.

Salad Italiano posted June 12th and  Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry posted June 23rd, both under Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes.  (The one before that is Cast Iron Pan Grilled Asparagus on June 5th, but I think that went through.)

Men’s Health Month information was posted on June 20th under Health Flashes/Special Reports.

I made an announcement about the merging of Divorce Dayz and Menupause on June 26th.  Divorce-dayz, a small blog, is now called Relationships and covers Divorce, Dating, Remarriage, and family ties. There is now a new Table of Contents. I think this is where the problem began! This announcement was posted on a new, combined category called Poetry/ Quotes/This’nThat.

In Reviews, I posted a book review by Bruce Cadle called Party for Two. It also includes 2 recipes and the book is a wonderful way to reconnect with your spouse. Please check it out by clicking on Reviews at the beginning of the sentence.

Finally, I have been posting my Italy Journal with photos since June 2nd, and somewhere in the last few days the messages to you about new postings became disabled. So if you click on Travel Tales, you can scroll back to the posting(s) you missed. I would love to read your comments!

I apologize for the problem & all the notices, but I am so excited to get the journal on my site, I don’t want you to miss a single installment…when you have time to read, of course. Now that I am not anxious, I can relax, as in my picture below in the piazza in the town of Ravello, which will be coming up in another posting soon. Ciao!

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