Gardens Big & Small: Mother Nature’s Bounty

In the last two weeks I visited the Rutgers University Garden (very large) and the large backyard garden of friends in State College. Finally, I have my small patio garden am working on my even smaller community garden down the street with only 3 rows, but adequate for me. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Entrance to the Rutgers University Gardens, New Brunswick, NJ

<<<Garden about to be planted for summer veggies

Cacti Garden using stove pipes as planters>>>

<<<Pretty purple flower area.

Fast-growing bamboo>>>>>>

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the bottom of my Home Page for a picture of me on the garden’s over-sized chair. Here is the link:

Next are the photos from my friends in State College, whose spacious backyard was once an orchard.

This is the pond at the top of the steps that leads to the terraced garden below.

<<<A view looking up to the house from the garden.

The spring flowers had “sprung” so there were not many, but this terraced beauty on the right was still in bloom.>>>>>>

On my way back up the hilly garden I caught a photo of these lovely irises.


My patio garden has flowers in the window box (my husband’s domain) and my herbs below in the planters.

My husband put up plexiglass behind the flowers to protect our corner patio plants from heavy winds.

My herbs get plenty of sun!

Finally, here is a photo of my small community garden down the street. I really love that I can snip off my salad greens every few days.

I hope to go to the Sculpture Garden in Trenton, NJ this summer, created by Seward Johnson of Johnson & Johnson Co. Actually, the garden is on the property of the old fairgrounds we used to go to when I was growing up. Small world, after all!

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