Help send 30,000 messages: Tell your Senators to support global climate solutions, not dirty fossil fuel projects!

Scientists around the world have acknowledged that climate change is the crisis of our time. And in order to prevent it from getting worse, we need to keep the planet’s remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

However, the Senate will soon vote on a bill that would increase the export of methane gas to Europe. If enacted, this bill would increase global dependence on fossil fuels and incentivize continued drilling and fracking in the U.S.

The bill already passed the House of Representatives — but we can still stop it in Senate. We need your help convincing the Senate to say NO to more destructive fossil fuels!

Tell your Senators: Say NO to increasing fossil fuel exports!

The science is clear: We’re on the brink of climate chaos. We only have 12 years left to avoid catastrophic droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. But even now, climate change is already having impacts on communities and the environment across the globe. We simply can’t afford to keep digging up fossil fuels.

What’s more, drilling and fracking for methane gas is extremely harmful for the environment and public health. It poisons drinking water and uses dangerous chemicals that are linked to cancer.

Instead of increasing methane gas production for export, we should be increasing renewable energy, here at home and around the world. We need your help to ensure that Senators vote the right way!

Tell your Senators: Support global climate solutions, not dirty fossil fuel projects!

Make no mistake: This race against climate chaos is urgent. It’s not going away. Legislators can’t continue propping up the fossil fuel industry to the detriment of everyday folks like you and me.

Given how cozy Trump and his administration are with Big Polluters, it is more important than ever that Congress stand up to them. We cannot afford for Congress to pass any legislation that will worsen the climate crisis.

This new bill would move us further away from the clean energy future we need. So we need engaged Friends of the Earth members like you to help stop this pro-gas bill.

Take action now: Tell your Senators to vote NO on increasing fossil fuel infrastructure!

Standing with you,
Ariel Moger,
Policy Analyst,
Friends of the Earth

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