Fri., Jan. 14th, 2011 – DAILY MENU

Key to Abbreviations:

Dairy Free – DF
Gluten Free – GF
Dandy Blend- Dandy (coffee sub.)
Macadamia Nut Oil- Mac Oil
No Salt Added- NSA
(Organic) Olive Oil – OO
Protein Powder – PP
Salt & Pepper – S & P
Sugar Free – SF
To Be Announced – TBA

Note: Going to NYC until tomorrow, so decided to use what I ate last night for breakfast.

7 a.m. Lemon juice & water
8 a.m. Leftover salad from last night with miso/tahini dressing used last night as a topping for the broccoli & cauliflower & mushrooms, last night’s broccoli & cauliflower (no more portabella) in miso broth, fresh seaweed from Japanese market.
10:30 a.m. Baked a sweet potato last night in anticipation of my trip. Ate it on the bus.
1 p.m. Met a classmate from college for lunch at a restaurant in the Port Authority building: garden salad with lemon vinaigrette, seamed asparagus, tea with my GF/DF pumpkin muffin I brought from home. The salad and asparagus were much better than I expected.
6 p.m. Met my daughter a with some thai dishes. Everything was good. I had miso soup with tofu, shared norimaki (vegetarian seaweed) with my daughter and her friend. Then I had a delicious thai salad with wheat free cornbread. For dessert we all shared a wheat free cookie and some tapioca pudding with chai tea. We all noted how good we felt, digestively, and I think that is because the veggies with rice and soup were all very compatible.

Not sure I will want a snack, but if I do I will post it on Monday. Dinner was filling and fulfilling! Eating in NYC (and LA) is so much easier for the way I eat. Maybe I should change the title of my blog to Nobody Eats Like Me except in NYC & LA!

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