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Note: This is #4 on my list for Earth Day, Every Day. I mentioned Frankenfoods in the poem by Mary Lou Meyers, so this is a natural follow-up. Thanks to my friend Barb Jarmoska for permission to reprint.

Freaky Frankenfoods

In 40 countries around the world, if you were eating a frankenfood, you’d know it; the label would tell you.

Frankenfood is the nickname given to any food that has been produced or grown from a seed or source that was genetically engineered (GE) in a laboratory. More frequent genetic modification of organisms (GMO: different acronym/same meaning) takes place most often in the laboratories of Big Ag corporation Monsanto.

As the maker of Round-Up, Monsanto double-dips into the profit pool by splicing this herbicide into the genetic material of seeds, so that mass quantities of the chemical can be sprayed on farm fields without damaging the crop. Known as “Round-Up Ready”, we now have soy, corn, beet, canola and other foods that have Round-Up in their molecules. Think you can wash off all those agricultural chemicals? Think again!

Around the world, there are 5 countries that grow 90% of the planet’s GE food crops.

You’ve probably guessed by now; the U.S. is not among the 40 countries that require labeling of GE foods, but we are 1 of the top 5 countries growing these foods. Chances are very high, if you eat any food made with soy, corn, or canola that is not certified organic, you’re eating a genetically engineered food.

Thousands of Americans think we have a right to know which of our foods are no longer entirely made by nature. Over 990,000 people have signed a petition asking the FDA to label GE foods. There’s a great web site where you can learn more about this important health issue. Check it out. While you’re there – watch the video and consider adding your name to the petition at: (I have also posted this link before. es)

Barb Jarmoska

PS: Look for lots of NON-GMO foods and supplements at Freshlife, and be assured that U.S. law does not allow genetic modification on any food with an organic certification. Let’s work to keep it that way!

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  1. I’m a WW lifetime mbemer myself and I remember the first time I heard of these black bean brownies I was pretty freaked out myself. But… I tried them and I love them! They are chewy, moist, chocolately goodness! And you can use any brownie mix you want–I love turtle myself. I think the texture is much better than if you followed the directions on the box. One final note, if you have a food processor for the beans, it’s a little easier than using a blender :)Have you heard about the fiber one crusted onion rings? I think I’ll pass on that experiment!

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