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While on vacation in January, I met Lorna Owens, former lawyer and founder of Footprints Foundation, whose purpose is to provide women in developing nations with adequate medical care. The information below is from the brochures that Lorna gave me and from the website:

Here is the mission statement from the website:

Our Mission is to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by training doctors, nurses and traditional birth attendants, by providing access to emergency obstetric care and by providing clean birthing kits to traditional birthing  attendants.We also empower women through our Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program (WELP). Finally we have joined the fight against female genital mutilation.

Some facts:

1.Giving birth is especially risky in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, where most women deliver without skilled care.
2. Only one in three rural women in developing countries receives the recommended care during pregnancy.
3. In the Congo more than 2 million women have been brutally gang-raped and tortured. Rape is used as a weapon of war.

The Congo is the third most dangerous country in the world to give birth.

What Footprints is doing:

1. Providing surgery for rape victims.

2. Setting up training programs to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

3. Providing medication to reduce postpartum hemorrhage.

4. Teaching proper cord care of new-born babies.

5. Providing psychological support and offer micro-credit programs.

What YOU can do:

1. Help provide surgery for a woman who has been raped ($150).

2. Sponsor and empower woman monthly ($28 monthly gift).

3. Make a donation of any size.

4. Provide medical supplies.

5. Tell others about Footprints Foundation and the work we do in the Congo.

Also, Lorna sent me a copy of her book that sells for $15.00 or less on It is an autobiography that traces her life before and after she felt called to start Footprints. It is called Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracles–very inspiring.

P.S. I just found out through an email from Lorna that man women helped by Footprints have been raped.  They have started a business of selling colorful tote bags and iPad covers as Fair Trade Items. The totes are $40 & the iPad covers are $20. For more information, please go to Here are the photos that Lorna sent me. The totes look wonderful!

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