First Snowstorm in PA

Tuesday’s snowstorm started early in the morning & by 3 pm the sun was out. My husband & I took some pictures that look like black & whites because there was no sun in the morning, but we wanted to catch the snow-laded limbs of the trees. Here are some of the photos from our windows and patio, four floors up.

First Snow is always lovely: soft, clean & white.


Draped over the trees, heavy with “fluff.”

Almost like cotton, it rests on the snow-laden limbs.


But then, by day 2, I want to be rid of the stuff!!!

Note: I used some different light settings on my iPhoto to try to capture the white, so that is the reason for the different shadings.


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  1. Mary-Lou Meyers Says:

    I loved the photos. We got some beautiful ones as well in the country, far from the snow plows that often disturb the peacefulness of the scene. We have had three snow storms here, last Sunday, Tuesday, and again this past Saturday which seems to be a record for December in this part of Pa, more like what we received and routinely got in New Hampshire. I hope you enjoyed the photos I sent of the horse, Danny, and the donkey in their Christmas finery all ready for the jolly old elf. They are patient, but the photographer is even more patient. You can see the snow coming down. Mary-Lou Meyers

  2. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Thanx for the comment. Love the animals in your. es

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