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Fiona Morrison is a sport and fitness instructor with a passion for her work. While I usually profile older women (and men), I was so impressed with Fiona’s approach to fitness that I could not refrain from featuring a much younger person. Her favorite quote is “Carpe Diem,” which already tells you a great deal about her approach to life. In the information packet I asked for, Fiona explains the quote’s meaning for her:

Have the full benefits out of life with great health, giving your body what it needs to do so, so you can seize every moment every day.  Life is a journey that should be happy and enjoyable, sharing moments with friends and your family with the best health and energy in life.

Well said, Fiona, and so refreshing to hear/read that younger people today are so interested in health.  For Fiona, this interest started at an early age. Her first entry into fitness was gymnastics before the age of two! Her degree in exercise, health, and fitness may have stemmed from her early years in sports. This degree added to her knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, weight management, and the psychological effects of exercise on the body. Fiona continues to study and to learn, teaching others from grade school age to seniors.

Born in England, and speaking with a delightful English accent, Fiona worked at a top notch health spa in England as a personal trainer, lifestyle anaylzer, and studio instructor. She went on to work at Fitness First Club, where she gained experience teaching a wide range of classes such as fitness yoga, pilates, indoor cycling (Spin), relaxation and aerobics.
(I met Fiona on our cruise ship where she taught fitness classes and gave talks on health with another instructor.)

The article Fiona gave me notes that “Fiona is an enthusiastic and energetic trainer who takes huge pleasure from passing this information to the people she works with to reach their goals of health, weight and fitness, changing the outlook on exercise from being a boring necessity to a stimulating and enjoyable highlight of the week.”

I think that Fiona did just that for me.  When I was on the cruise ship, I would get up early and rush down to the fitness center just so I could take a class with Fiona. Her cheery disposition, her just scrubbed look, and her toned body inspired me to do my best. And before I left the ship, I had a one-on-one consult with Fiona and purchased a body brush which I use before bathing or showering.

As the quote notes, exercise needn’t be boring.  I like taking yoga classes more than doing yoga on my own, because the group effect keeps me focused. When I work out in the gym downstairs in our building, it’s always nice to walk on the treadmill next to another person. I take walks alone, but I also enjoy walking with  my neighbors Marilyn and Betty, because we catch up on the week’s events while walking. And last week I took a bike ride with my neighbor Holly. We went on the West River Drive, which is closed during the warm months so bikers, hikers, and roller bladers can enjoy their sport without the fear of being hit by a car.

Fiona was an inspiration tome on my vacation and whenever I feel negative about exercising, I plan to picture Fiona’s bright and cheery face with her lovely English voice and push on! And if you are going through menopause, I believe that exercise is  just as important as diet. They are a dynamic duo!

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  1. Just looked at your photo again. Hope you are well. Still on cruise ships? I am still taking yoga, esp. yin yoga. See my Profile on Katrin Elia for more on Yin Yoga.
    Happy Holidays, ellensue

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