Feedback: Sky Hooks by Mary Lou Meyers

Notes: My Douglass College classmate Mary Lou Meyers is my favorite “modern poet.” She read my two poems posted in Relationships a few days ago and this is her feedback in the form of a poetic response.

The first photo is from our trip to Swarthmore College campus on Sunday, a beautiful day. The photos for the poem are from the other day, Tuesday, also gorgeous, when I spent twice as much time getting to the food store because I stopped all along the way to take these end-of-autumn photos. It was worth the delay! (I centered the poetry lines to be under the pictures.) Since Mary Lou, like me, is  a lover of light, I chose photos that show the light of the sun dazzling the leaves.

Dear Ellen Sue, Theoretically we understand, but emotionally, as mothers, we find it difficult to escape at a time in life when we have so much to offer. We have invested in our children, but the dividends are not always apparent, since our perspective is somewhat one-sided. It’s funny how when walking around the pond this morning, I composed this poem:

Sky Hooks

You were so certain,
you arranged for the grandchildren to come,
for the unveiling of the turtle cache,
deposited by the mother last Spring,
as we did others last year come autumn.
Only to find it was bare,
worm heads crawling from under stones.
Such a shocked disappointment after
advertising the event,
but I must have scared the mother enough,
that she failed to lay the eggs there,
but found a more tranquil setting.

She prepared the soil, the toil of her life
to lay the leathery eggs,
covered them with earth to keep them safe,
but then let them find their own way out of the
dark to the brightness of the day when it was their time.

So with our own children, we wanted them
not far from the nest, but within reach,
while we continue to teach with the wisdom we now owned,
honed through the years,
hoping they would never stray far from home
even with lives of their own.
But we let them go one by one
finding their own place in the sun.

Now I leave nothing to chance,
but hitch myself to a sky hook,
for everything beneath is subject to change,
but not me, lover of light
staying with me throughout my journey of life.

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