Feedback #1:

My former next door neighbor in State College reads my blog every month, despite the fact she is young enough to be my daughter. Her comment from last month’s posting, based on taken from her native language of Italian, is very heartwarming:

“I Love this edition! Personal fotos that accompany the personal stories are great. And the recipies and (what I call “dondalling” in Italian) – just your random thoughts, as I perceive them, are lovely.” Suzan

I asked permission to reprint her comments and this was her reply:

“Si, please feel free to quote me. ‘Dondalling’ is actually an English corruption of the Italian “Dondolare” -literally, ‘to swing rythmically, or rock’ (as in rocking chair), or, ‘to ramble with intelligence’ and it just seemed appropriate with your sweet whimsical rememberances… Love, Youth… all of that gooey stuff!” Suzan

So if I use the word “dondalling” in the future, hopefully you will know what I mean.


Feedback #2:

In the June issue of my blog, I profiled Charles Eisenstein. Since he writes essays that are posted on other sites, I thought I would post the website to his two-part article entitled “The Miracle of Creation” in If you liked his profile, you may enjoy his philosophical ideas.


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