Fall Flowers & Green Plants at Chanticleer Gardens

Chanticleer is a former estate that is now a lovely public garden in Wayne, PA, about 20 minutes from where we live. The rooster sculptures throughout the garden give the garden its name. (Wikipedia defines it as: a rooster appearing in fables about Reynard The Fox) Even though we are in the  fall season, there is plenty of green foliage and flowers, as my photos prove.

The gardens are known more for their green plants, but the flowers in the cutting garden and the vegetable garden add more color and I took more of the planets that are still flowering. The wicker furniture and benches throughout the property are also comfortable and inviting.  To read more, go to their website: http://www.chanticleergarden.org.















7 Responses to “Fall Flowers & Green Plants at Chanticleer Gardens”

  1. Leonora Says:

    Chanticleer is amazing! My daughter and I were there for the first time two weeks ago. Truly a gem!Wish we lived closer to this peaceful place.

  2. Paula Says:

    Thank you for the beauty of the garden. I’ve been enjoying the birds this summer. My son put
    up two bird feeders. They have had a feast, and I’ve learned a lot about their songs and their behavior.

  3. Rose Smith Says:

    Dear Ellen Sue

    Lovely to see these beautiful photographs! I hope you are still keeping well and happy. It seems many years’ now since Les and I stayed at the Bed and Breakfast in Maine. We have just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary!

    I have changed my email from rosesmith@via2.demon.co.uk to the one above so wanted to let you know.
    All good wishes

  4. ellen sue spicer Says:

    So nice to hear from you! Will email you. ellensue

  5. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Alan put up a bird feeder outside my mother-in-law’s window when she was in the nursing home. I loved it more than she, I think!

  6. ellen sue spicer Says:

    It’s worth special trip! ellensue

  7. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Can you email me at my address for menupause? menupause.info@gmail.com

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