Fall Fascination Fotos

On the second day of Daylight Savings Time, I went down to the gym very early and saw the sun bathing the trees in the back of our condo. I went upstairs to find my camera and catch the early morning sun lighting up the tree. The rest of the day was glorious, so I took lots of photos of trees still in their glory before rain and cold scrub them bare. I wrote a small poem you will find at the end of the gallery.














Fall Fascination

Nov. 4th, 2013




























































The trees are shedding their autumn garb–

Leaves, falling softly, like a whisper.

Soon the branches will be naked and

shivering from winter’s wind & snow.

But for now the lingering flaming foliage

fascinates me like nothing else.

The leaves’ last hurrah—dizzy & dazzling,

bursting with color.

An encore before Fall’s finale!

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